Families relocate to other countries for a variety of reasons, and several factors go into making the right decisions about your new move. One of the consistent challenges families often face is determining where their children will go to school. Singapore offers excellent educational facilities, so there is no shortage of options for families that are new to the country. For expatriates moving to the city-state, the choice between international schools can be even more difficult because of elements surrounding your stay. Here are some things to consider when assessing the right international school for your child: How long will you live in Singapore? Students learn best in a stable atmosphere, and learning new styles of education can present hardships for young student learners. For families that expect to move frequently, one of the best options is finding a school that teaches IB curriculum. IB stands for the International Baccalaureate programme, and it is taught in classrooms across the world. Finding a school that teaches this material can help ensure that your child learns consistently throughout their private secondary school years and into university. Classroom Size Schools are only as good as the instructors that teach at the facility, and a good educator can make the difference between a child’s success and their struggle. Classroom size is a strong indicator at how effective teachers will be, and a smaller class size allows teachers to provide the necessary individual attention most students need. Diversity Understanding and dealing with diversity is a necessary skill in every childs life, and students that are exposed to a rich variety of cultures have an easier time adjusting to change in their future. Families that attend schools that offer a wide variety of co-curricular and a diverse student body are usually very pleased with their child’s learning experience. Location Your childÕs surroundings are important for their safety, focus, and motivation. Try to find a school that offers a safe location that your child will enjoy attending. Studies show that nature has a positive effect on a childÕs education, and learning atmospheres that provide a green, natural environment have better air quality than schools located in industrial areas. The location of your childs school will affect how long the daily commute is each day, and parents should ideally find a school that is close to both home and work. Traffic is not as bad in Singapore as it is in neighboring countries, but it does still exist. Other sources of transportation are available, such as public buses and the extensive metro train lines across the island. Some schools offer a private bus transportation system, and many families are able to share rides to and from school with other families in a similar location. Ultimately, it is important to find a private school that values small classroom size, and has dedicated educators who are trained to provide individual attention to students on a daily basis. Many of the top private schools have students from many different countries that celebrate diversity as well as other cultures and traditions.