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Tips to select the right private school in singapore

Singapore is a beautiful city-state, with a strong economy, modern infrastructure, and a highly-educated population. The Ministry of Education plays a vital role in the community, and Singapore has some of the best international schools in the world. Global diversity is instilled in many private secondary school in Singapore school’s curricula, and they provide their students with the skills to master their future, no matter where they are in the world. The academic programs at many of these schools are taught so students can integrate into IB schools anywhere with ease, and they are often dedicated to developing a passion for learning in all of our students. One such example is the Middle Years Programme if your child is between 11 to 16 years of age. GESS is a good example of a private secondary school in Singapore.

Families that find themselves relocating to the island are sure to have many decisions to make, but one of the leading concerns is where your child will go to school. Its normal for expats to have anxiety over their child’s education, and with so many great options, several factors go into determining the best school. Core Curriculum International schools offer a curriculum that is taught all over the world, and this helps mobile families ensure their child can seamlessly transition between schools in different countries. The International Baccalaureate programme is the epitome of international education standards and offers students consistent learning material that prepares them for a rapidly globalizing world. There is more to core curriculum than just passing tests, and programs that incorporate other aspects of learning in their coursework yield higher results from their students. Diversity is one such quality that exposes children to learning about different cultures and prepares them for a stable future in a globalized society. Co-Curricular and After School Programs Opportunities outside of academic areas allow for children to explore new topics of interest, and develop a well-rounded nature. Sports, music, and visual arts create a balance for students, and it is essential to find a school that offers a variety of options for your child to explore. After school programs are a great way for parents to keep their children engaged while waiting to be picked up from school. Work hours do not always coincide with the schools hours of teaching, and parents that want their kids to have a full day of learning can take advantage of after-school activities to enrich their childÕs experience.

The Cost of Tuition Choosing the right school is essential, and the cost of tuition can easily eliminate certain schools as viable options. Tuition for international schools can vary from SG$25,000 per year to SG$45,000 per year, regardless of the students primary or secondary school enrollment. Local schools offer non-ASEAN students tuition rates of SG$10,000 on average, but international schools support a more diverse student population that is not dominated by one nationality or ethnic group. Some expat packages offer tuition scholarships for families that are moving to Singapore, and you should determine how much money, if any, is available for your child’s tuition.

Regardless of the cost for tuition, look into reviews about the school to be sure that the education the school provides is worth the money, and most importantly, offers a style of teaching that will allow your child to succeed. Your child can only have one education journey in his life, and wouldn’t you want it to be as rich and beneficial as possible?

Questions Parent Need to Ask before Choosing An International Preschool for their Child.

Every parent wants to give the very best to their children. Because of this, they are ready to go the extra mile in order to satisfy the need of their children. During the early stages of a child’s life, it is important that he receive the best education available. Now the best question here is; how can a parent determine if a school will be able to suit their child’s need?

A lot of parents who did not make good research before enrolling their child in a kindergarten school, find their child struggling to meet up each day.

Of course, this could have been avoided if parent dedicated enough time to make inquires before enrolling their child. We suggest GESS International Preschool for parents who are still undecided over the myriad of choices available for them. Feel free to contact them to inquire more information about the school’s preschool program.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some question that will help parent choose the right international kindergarten that will be able to meet their child’s need.

Of course, you should feel free to brainstorm more question so that you can narrow down the best school for your child.

Is the kindergarten school a half day or a full day?

Some kindergarten creates a window for parents to choose the days they want to bring their children to school while others have a policy that children should be in school every day.

Whatever the case may be, know that if you send your child to school when he should be in school, he is going to benefit a lot. Also, you have to keep it at the back of your mind that the day you choose to send your child to school does not matter because the teacher gives the same amount of time and effort each day.

Tips to help your child prepare for a full day school

Initially, your child might not be comfortable with a full day school routine, but if you apply the tips listed below your child is likely to adjust quickly.

  1. Regularly reassure your child that you will be there for him during his transition period into an international kindergarten.
  2. Enrol your child in a good preschool program so that he can become used to the routine he is likely to encounter while in kindergarten. Doing this will help a child know how to follow instructions, share and take turns with other kids.
  3. Discuss with your child what he is likely going to face while in a kindergarten school. Also, you need to talk to them about the likely activities they are going to be carrying out.

Are you pleased with the teacher?

What exactly determines if a teacher is good or great?  The answer lies in how they relate with the children. Thinking about the fact that your child is going to be away from home for long period of time daily, it is therefore important that parent investigates if a teacher will be able to relate with the students.

Even more, parents need to check the credentials and experience of the teacher as well as staffs. The most effective way you can do this is by making an appointment with the principal of the international kindergarten school you plan to enrol your child so that you can learn a lot about the curriculum and the teacher.

Can the school address the needs of your family?

As a parent, you have the sole responsibility for deciding the kindergarten school your child will attend. In other to make the right choice, it important you consider the following.

  1. The proximity of the school
  2. The school’s transportation system
  3. Your financial state
  4. The structure of their curriculum

Considering these questions will guide you when making a decision regarding the school your child will attend.

Is it really important to learn a new language?

A lot of people have the notion that learning a new language is not really important. They seem to be satisfied with the only language they can speak. You likely must have wondered if learning a new language is really important.

If you are keen to pick up a new language with an established school, Berlitz Language School provides a wide range of courses for you. They are a long established brand, and if you are serious about finding a Language course Singapore you can check them out above.

The following article by Steven Wong will give new help you see why learning a new language is very important.

Why foreign language learning is still important

Basically, the benefit you are going to derive when you learn a new language is endless. It is going to improve the quality of your life, it is good for your career, it is good for your degree and for your travels as well. But despite all these wonderful benefits that are associated with learning a new language, some people seem to think that being multilingual isn’t important anymore.  It is a fact that a lot of people are learning to speak English. That said, there are still some remarkable benefits you are going to enjoy when you learn a foreign language. Read more here.

Definitely, you now know why learning a new language is important. And now, you might want to learn a completely new language as quickly as possible.

The following article by Frank Macri shed light on five effective tips that can help you learn a new language quickly.

How to learn a new language fast: 5 Tips that actually work

Learning a new language is one of the most enriching and rewarding skills we can acquire over a lifetime, but why is it so difficult? If you studied a language in school, why are you still unable to carry out a basic conversation?

You don’t want to spend another seven years re-learning a language the wrong way again, so here are five ways to learn a language fast!. If you are able to apply the 5 tips that will be discussed in this article your language learning journey will be very smooth. Read more here.

In order for you to learn a language quickly, you are going to need all the help you can get. If you stay in a country like Singapore were a couple of languages are spoken you may be considering enrolling in language learning school.

The following article by Adam Lee shed light on some 20 language learning schools in Singapore.

20 language schools in Singapore because trilingual is the new bilingual

Learning a new language is like opening a door to a whole new world – you meet new people, expand your horizons, explore new cultures and use it as a secret language with a friend.

Whether you’re migrating to another country, working around the region or just in love with the culture, you don’t have to leave our sunny shores to learn another language. Read more here.

To conclude, learning a new language is something that nobody should ignore. Definitely, there will be challenges when you start learning a new language, but there effective tips and tricks that can help you in this regard. Enrolling in a language learning school could further help you to learn a new language quickly.

Childcare Centres: Expenses

Parents have the responsibility of providing for the family. That is why they have to look for a job that can pay their daily needs. However, some parents still have young kids who need to be taken care of, so they look for people or centres that could look after their children while they are away for work. This is another thing that costs money that is why parents are worrying if it is worth it. Today, we are going to talk about child care centres and expenses.

At My Little Campus, a child care centre in Singapore, lessons cater to children from infants to kindergarten. The school is notable for their primary school focused curriculum, so do check them out if you want to prepare your child for primary school well.

Before anything else, New Age Parents will first tell us about what we should look out for when choosing a childcare centre.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Childcare Centre?

What are the things to look out for when searching for the ideal childcare centre for your child? TNAP rounds up some important factors.

Round 1: Meeting the Basics

All child care centres in Singapore are licensed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, under the Child Care Centres Act (Cap 37A) and Regulations. All child care centres are required to obtain a license before starting operations. This license states the tenure for which the license is valid and it would be displayed in the centre.

Subsequently, the Ministry will conduct unannounced visits once every two years to ensure that child care centres meet acceptable standards of care in the following areas: Read more here.

One of the things to look out for that was mentioned above is the physical environment. It should really be checked because it also contributes to the safety of our children. Next thing to discuss are the costs and expenses bringing your child to a childcare centre. Ryan Ong will tell us about it through his article below.

Is Childcare Affordable in Singapore?

Historically, the most affordable childcare system comes from Sparta. They just left the toddler out for the night, and if he didn’t get eaten by wolves, he was probably prepared for anything. But that won’t cut it here. Surviving wolf attacks is way easier than preparing for the PSLE. Hence, our expensive childcare schools. But can everyone afford them?

How Much DOES Childcare Cost?

The cost of childcare’s about as predictable as a drunk Bingo caller. Depending where you go, prices range from $300 a month to well over $2,000.

NTUC’s childcare center, My First Skool, has fees of around $600 to $680. Registration cost is about $86. But George Washington Preschool* charges about $2,000 a month ($5,750 per quarter), with a registration fee of $2,000. There are diploma courses cheaper than that.

So why the price difference? Read more here.

Bringing your child to a childcare centre could really be costly that is another factor which makes it a tough decision. Parents must weigh things and see if they could really afford it. If not then it would be a waste working while your child is away. However, there are already reports which state that parents are likely to pay lower fees for children. PRISCILLA GOY will tell us about it below.

Parents likely to pay lower fees for childcare

More parents may soon pay lower fees for childcare, with at least half a dozen operators keen to tap a government scheme that offers grants for centres to reduce their charges.

At least six large and mid-sized operators, which have over 5,000 childcare places in total, said they are likely to apply to the scheme announced earlier this month.

To be eligible for the Early Childhood Development Agency partner operator scheme, operators must lower fees, cap them at $800 a month for full-day childcare, and offer at least 300 childcare places each or as a group. The median fee is now $900 a month.

Smaller operators which do not meet the size requirement can partner others to apply, but those The Straits Times spoke to were unsure or not keen (see sidebar). Read more here.

It is good news for parents that childcare fees would now be lessened. That would be a big help and a less load for them. It is also one way of supporting working parents because it would mean that there will be more for the whole family. Bringing your child to a childcare centre needs a lot of preparation emotionally and financially. One must be ready because it wouldn’t be easy. Anyway, it would benefit you and your child.

Encouraging Students to Love School

Sending your child to school is not an easy task. Some children hate school that is why parents are always getting hard up in preparing them for school. They will complain about a lot of things. They will complain about getting up early. They would resist eating breakfast. They wouldn’t want to change their clothes or wear their uniforms. Basically, they would choose to sleep or play rather than go to school. There are actually a lot of reasons behind this.

One such school in Singapore is My Little Campus, that caters from infants to kindergarten children. They are notable for their primary school preparation programs, that teaches kindergarten children linguistic, Mathematics, Science, and social skills to prepare them adequately for primary school. You should definitely check their site at if you are serious about helping your child.

Next, The Asian Parent will then tell us some tips on how to deal with a pre-school resistant kid.

How to deal with a pre-school resistant kid

Does this sound like you? Do you start each day with hassles and struggles of dropping off your child at day care? Do you leave them crying or begging you to not go? Talk about guilt trip! But you have to go to work, so what’s a mom to do?

Have you seen the movie, “Dennis the Menace”–the one in which the outstanding Walter Matthau plays Mr. Wilson? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, well, you should.

Anyway…one of the first scenes in the movie shows Alice (Dennis’ mom) taking Dennis to Margaret’s house so that Margaret’s mom can watch him due to the fact that she (Alice) is going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for the last several years. Margaret, who is Dennis’ age, is quite the little bossy-britches and about as girly-girl as a 7 year old can get. So when Dennis hears where he is going, he exclaims, “Don’t make me go to Margaret’s house! I haven’t done anything bad enough to go to Margaret’s house!” Oh, yes, and he is lying on the ground being pulled up the sidewalk by the straps of his overalls. Read more here.

The first thing that parents have to do is to know the root of the problem then take necessary actions. Parents have to be patient. They should understand that their child will be going to a new environment that is why they should help them.

Another factor which makes children hate school is actually the way teacher teach in school. Caele Pemberton Kokomo Tribune will tell us about an outdoor preschool which allows children to get messy while they learn.

A new kind of classroom: Outdoor preschool allows children to get messy while they learn

The preschool at Boulevard Elementary begins its day just like many other preschools. Children hang up their backpacks, sit down for breakfast and sing a few songs with their teacher. Then their teacher tells them about the weather.

Once Elizabeth Rayl, the preschool teacher, tells them what the weather will be like, students proceed to the hallway, where they put on whatever clothing is appropriate for the day.

On Thursday, it was sprinkling but the weather was relatively warm, so they just needed their rain boots and a rain jacket. Once they were decked out in their rain gear, they headed outside, where they immediately jumped into a big mud puddle.

In this preschool, students spend the entire morning in an outdoor classroom, where they are encouraged to get messy, climb trees and dig for worms. It is unique for the Kokomo School Corporation and for Howard County. Read more here.

Wow! The preschool at Boulevard Elementary is really one of the preschools to be. All the fun is in there. Whatever the weather is, students will definitely enjoy every single school day. Your children will surely wake up every morning excited to go to school.

Justina Goh

Behind the scenes: The making of a preschool graduation musical extravaganza

Getting bubbly and energetic six-year-olds to focus on a single task for 15 minutes can be a challenge at times, let alone on a full-scale musical production that lasts over an hour.

That is what award-winning director Paulene Smith and experienced dance and musical theatre director Heather McCloud have had their focus on for the most part of this year.

The two directors of MindChamps PreSchool’s Graduation Musical have accomplished what few have even dared to attempt – get over 120 six-year-olds to work together for an hour and a half long musical production.

Fortunately, Paulene and Heather, who have decades of theatrical and performing experience between them, were able to call upon this experience to work towards a successful concert where every child has a part to play, a song to sing and a dance to dance – and weave all these perfectly into a once-in-a-lifetime magical experience.

How did they do it? Read more here.

That preschool graduation performance is really worth the wait and watch. It is amazing how the directors were able to encourage all the children to focus and do the task. It was also done successfully because of planning, dedication and patience….a lot of patience. One of the factors that could really make students and your children focused and engaged is to make sure that they enjoy what they are doing. It also takes a lot of patience for this matter.


The Impacts of Early Intervention Services

A child’s growth is something that parents must really put their attention to. It is something that must monitor and focus on because learning is very important and crucial while children are still young. However, there are really some cases wherein children experience some problems or delays in their development whether it is social, emotional, or mental. Nevertheless, there are still ways in which this can be prevented or fixed. Early intervention is an important matter when it comes to this kind of matter.

One important thing that children learn while growing is reading and we also admit that children encounter some problems regarding this. That is why Stephanie Dunne will explain to us the importance of early reading intervention.

The Importance of Early Reading Intervention

Understanding reading development in young children can be tricky for parents who are not educators. When assessing their children’s reading skills, parents do not want to over-worry and be bothersome to the teacher when everything is fine, yet parents also do not want to be too lax and wait for things to get better if that’s not the right thing. Oh what is a parent to do?

First, know that there are set pre- and early-reading skills that children should master as early as preschool and kindergarten that, on the surface, may not seem like they have to do with reading at all. One of these important skills is called phonological awareness, which refers to a child’s ability to hear and manipulate sounds in oral language. It includes such skills as rhyming, clapping out syllables in words, and identifying the initial sounds in words, such as the sound for “m” in “monkey.”  

Proficient oral language skills are also key for reading comprehension. That is, children should have developed the ability to talk on time, have a wide vocabulary from communicating with the people around them, and have a compendium of background knowledge from experiences to pull from when trying to understand a book they are reading or that is being read to them. Read more here.

When it comes to reading, it is really important to supplement our child with advanced learning before letting them enter school. It would help them understand lessons faster because they already have knowledge about it beforehand.

In another case, let us see the importance of early intervention services that saved two kids who are in a different situation. Brittany Moore will tell us about it.

Early intervention therapy saves two local kids

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Today, you wouldn’t know anything was ever wrong. But, when Janet Kelley adopted Lauryn and Jaxson, she found out their birth mother was a heavy drug user while pregnant.

My daughter was completely anti-social. Didn’t know how to look them in the eye, didn’t know how to talk to people. Nothing. Jackson had some serious behavioral issues. He was hitting people, breaking things.  In second grade the police were almost called on him twice.  It was absolutely devastating to see your child struggle like that and not know what to do,” said mom, Janet Kelley.

The behavioral issues were at times severe, sometimes too much for Janet to cope with alone. She decided it was time to get help. But making the first call, is not easy.

“It made me feel like if I have to ask for help then I am not a good parent, I am not doing the right thing and that is not acceptable,” said Kelley. Read more here.

            It is a good thing that Janet asked for help when she noticed that her children had some serious behavioral issues. Because of the therapies they went through, they were able to prevent what could’ve been worse and they were able to fix what is wrong.

Another situation which greatly affects the development of a child is autism and one thing we can do about it is early intervention. Katherine G. Hobbs will tell us the benefits of early intervention for children with autism.

Autism and the Benefits of Early Intervention

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a rising percentage of the world population is being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As of 2014, an estimated 1 percent of the world population had an ASD, with the United States estimating 1 in 68 children or 3.5 million Americans living with ASD.

Research is increasingly proving that children with an ASD benefit from the earliest interventions possible. In 2001, the National Research Council urged families not to use the “wait and see” method for early intervention as it was “likely to have significant and negative consequences.”

Louise Kaczmarek, from the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, cites intervention strategies that have been most successful are those that “use a hybrid approach, integrating developmental and/or relationship-based techniques with those of applied behavior analysis (which focuses on applying the principles of learning).” These types of interventions are usually play-based and parent-facilitated. They typically occur “within the natural routines and activities of the child’s day.”

Early interventions can impact multiple areas of a child’s life including—but not limited to—their academic success, communication skills, and may alleviate fiscal responsibility for continuing therapies. Read more here.

One thing that early intervention improves in children with autism is speech which is very important especially in understanding and communicating with them. Also, early interventions could help families save money because early therapies could be done which could prevent further or more serious problems in the future. If you ever notice that there is something wrong the social, emotional, or mental development of your children, you should consider undergoing early interventions because it could help you and your child a lot in many ways.

Selecting the right secondary school for your child in Singapore


Families relocate to other countries for a variety of reasons, and several factors go into making the right decisions about your new move. One of the consistent challenges families often face is determining where their children will go to school. Singapore offers excellent educational facilities, so there is no shortage of options for families that are new to the country. For expatriates moving to the city-state, the choice between international schools can be even more difficult because of elements surrounding your stay. Here are some things to consider when assessing the right international school for your child: How long will you live in Singapore? Students learn best in a stable atmosphere, and learning new styles of education can present hardships for young student learners. For families that expect to move frequently, one of the best options is finding a school that teaches IB curriculum. IB stands for the International Baccalaureate programme, and it is taught in classrooms across the world. Finding a school that teaches this material can help ensure that your child learns consistently throughout their private secondary school years and into university. Classroom Size Schools are only as good as the instructors that teach at the facility, and a good educator can make the difference between a child’s success and their struggle. Classroom size is a strong indicator at how effective teachers will be, and a smaller class size allows teachers to provide the necessary individual attention most students need. Diversity Understanding and dealing with diversity is a necessary skill in every childs life, and students that are exposed to a rich variety of cultures have an easier time adjusting to change in their future. Families that attend schools that offer a wide variety of co-curricular and a diverse student body are usually very pleased with their child’s learning experience. Location Your childÕs surroundings are important for their safety, focus, and motivation. Try to find a school that offers a safe location that your child will enjoy attending. Studies show that nature has a positive effect on a childÕs education, and learning atmospheres that provide a green, natural environment have better air quality than schools located in industrial areas. The location of your childs school will affect how long the daily commute is each day, and parents should ideally find a school that is close to both home and work. Traffic is not as bad in Singapore as it is in neighboring countries, but it does still exist. Other sources of transportation are available, such as public buses and the extensive metro train lines across the island. Some schools offer a private bus transportation system, and many families are able to share rides to and from school with other families in a similar location. Ultimately, it is important to find a private school that values small classroom size, and has dedicated educators who are trained to provide individual attention to students on a daily basis. Many of the top private schools have students from many different countries that celebrate diversity as well as other cultures and traditions.