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How the Kindergarten is good for your Child

How the Kindergarten is good for your Child?

Kindergarten is the stepping stone for the child in the world but the child’s behaviors and skills at this level can say a lot about his future.  It is the very beginning where the child interacts and communicates with the children of his age group and helps in learning new and creative things about the world. It is crucial to find the right preschool for your child and ensure that your child is learning the traits which are essential for a happy, successful and healthy future.

Kindergarten is the last phase of preschool before your child moves to formal education in primary school. There are many Kindergarten schools in Singapore, and you should look for an excellent kindergarten such as My Little Campus for your child. Check out their website today.

As per the following article by Amy Morin, research reveals that children having two specific skills at the preschool level have higher chances of obtaining a college degree in the future.

Researchers from Penn State and Duke University interviewed kindergarten teachers about children’s social and emotional competence. Then researchers followed up with the kids once they became young adults to see what happened to them. They discovered that the kids with the highest social and emotional competency scores in kindergarten fared better overall. Read More here.

Children with better social and emotional skills were able to cope better and had the chances of getting a college degree and most likely a full-time job. On the other hand, children who have difficulty in listening, comprehending and cooperating had more chances of binge drinking, fewer chances of even finishing high school and even high chances of getting arrested in his adulthood.

So, it is very important to teach the children social and emotional skills to make your child successful. These skills can be taught, but they can only be taught at home and children should be given free opportunity to exercise these skills.

The following article by BabyCenter gives you detailed information about the signs of a good preschool.

Established ground rules

It’s important for a preschool to be flexible – letting you pick up and drop off your child at different times, for instance – but it should also have clearly established regulations for everything from operating hours to how to handle emergencies. That way you know the staff takes its responsibility – your child – seriously. Read more here.

When looking for a pre-school, it is important at you do a background check on the school and verify its reputation. It is always a better option to ask the parents of the children already studying in the school, to get a clear opinion about the school. The school should have strict ground rules because that defines how much they care about your child. The school should have an engaging curriculum and should include all types of activities like academics, physical activity, story time, craft activities, snack time etc.

Another significant factor in the school is caring and nurturing staff. They should also be experienced in taking care of young children and dedicated to their needs.

The following articles by Marija Ristic tells you about he the reasons which makes preschool good for your child.

Preschool provides a foundation for learning, both socially and academically.

Young children are naturally curious and observant. They want to learn the skills that their families and society value — such as reading the instructions for assembling a toy, or selecting the correct bills or coins to pay for a purchase. To prepare children for the academic demands of school, teachers will offer a wide variety of games and activities that will help them acquire necessary academic but also social skills. Read more here.

Children learn very quickly and it is found that children who attend kindergarten are better at reading, vocabulary and basic math. It not only instills confidence in them but they become emotionally and mentally stronger than their peers.

The children are very observant and learn just by watching others. So, at home, they are able to learn only a limited number of things as the family members are limited. But, in a preschool, they interact with so many people which develop both their social skills and help them gain insight into academics.

A preschool also helps the child to adapt to a structured setting which teaches them discipline, manners, etiquettes and help them understand how to behave in public.

Thus, a kindergarten is not just good for your child but it is very essential to make your child emotionally and mentally strong and prepare him/her for a better and successful future.

How to Carefully Choose a Preschool

How to Carefully Choose a Preschool


A school is important for a child. It is where they improve what they have learned at home. It is where they develop their skills and knowledge. That is the reason why parents should be careful and cautious enough in choosing for a preschool for their children. They should see to it that everything is fine and everything is worth it. Choosing a Preschool for toddlers might not be the most easy process and in this article, we are going to help you with that by giving you some tips in choosing a preschool and some reasons on why you should send your child to preschool as well.



In the article by Lindsay Yap, we are going to read about 10 things that we should consider.


10 things to consider when choosing a preschool


You’re not alone! Choosing the right preschool for our children is, after finding a place to live, one of the most important decisions we have to make when moving to a new country. And it’s a question that every parent grapples with. Here are some useful tips and key terms that will prep you for the journey.


What parents say:


10 things mums and dads should consider when choosing a preschool:



    1. Is the location of the campus convenient to home and transport options?


    1. There are many education curriculums – which will suit my child’s education needs and our family’s future plans?


    1. How do the class sizes and teacher-to-child ratios vary among the preschools on my shortlist?


    1. Is Mandarin taught as a second language, and is this an experience my child will benefit from?


    1. Will the extra-curricular activities enhance my child’s experience and balance the academic side? Read more here.



Aside from the ten things given above that we should consider when choosing a preschool, there are also explanations on some of the key terminologies that we should know like learning centre, preschool, kindergarten, and curriculum. In addition, Today Show will give us five tips to help parents pick the best preschool.


5 tips to help parents pick the best preschool


Recent studies have shown that children with a quality preschool education do better in school, get higher paying jobs, and are less likely to do drugs or commit crimes than children who don’t attend Pre-K.  When you factor in a potentially ultra-competitive admissions process and a wide variety of educational philosophies, finding the right preschool for your child can be more daunting than ever, especially for new parents. 

The folks at, an online database with ratings and reviews of over 55,000 preschools across the country, have offered their top five tips for choosing the best preschool for your child:

Finding the Right Preschool



    1. ABC’s, 123’s – early years are the time to start


    1. Play time every day (imaginative, physical)


    1. Children should have choice of some activities


    1. Teachers interact positively with children


    1. Alignment with your home values Read more here.



According to the article, you should check for positive and/or nurturing relationships between teachers and children. You should see to it that the teacher is patient and kind with the children. They too should have a close relationship because this will also affect the child’s learning.


Now, GreatSchools Staff will give us 10 good reasons your child should attend preschool.


10 good reasons your child should attend preschool


Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school.



    1. Preschool is an opportunity for growth



For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It’s an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions, and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school.



    1. Preschool prepares children for kindergarten



As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents look to preschool to launch their child on the path to success in school. At the same time, parents may worry that the current trend to focus on pre-math and pre-literacy skills in preschool cuts into important play time and pushes a child to grow up too fast. It’s a confusing issue,especially with friends and family offering different opinions and advice. Read more here.


One of the reasons that you should send your child to preschool is that it will promote social and emotional development. At a young age, they will already be exposed to a new environment where they will meet new people and experience new things as well which will help them develop socially and emotionally. This will be a great preparation for them before they enter more advanced school in the future which will be a little different again.