Parents have the responsibility of providing for the family. That is why they have to look for a job that can pay their daily needs. However, some parents still have young kids who need to be taken care of, so they look for people or centres that could look after their children while they are away for work. This is another thing that costs money that is why parents are worrying if it is worth it. Today, we are going to talk about child care centres and expenses.

At My Little Campus, a child care centre in Singapore, lessons cater to children from infants to kindergarten. The school is notable for their primary school focused curriculum, so do check them out if you want to prepare your child for primary school well.

Before anything else, New Age Parents will first tell us about what we should look out for when choosing a childcare centre.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Childcare Centre?

What are the things to look out for when searching for the ideal childcare centre for your child? TNAP rounds up some important factors.

Round 1: Meeting the Basics

All child care centres in Singapore are licensed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, under the Child Care Centres Act (Cap 37A) and Regulations. All child care centres are required to obtain a license before starting operations. This license states the tenure for which the license is valid and it would be displayed in the centre.

Subsequently, the Ministry will conduct unannounced visits once every two years to ensure that child care centres meet acceptable standards of care in the following areas: Read more here.

One of the things to look out for that was mentioned above is the physical environment. It should really be checked because it also contributes to the safety of our children. Next thing to discuss are the costs and expenses bringing your child to a childcare centre. Ryan Ong will tell us about it through his article below.

Is Childcare Affordable in Singapore?

Historically, the most affordable childcare system comes from Sparta. They just left the toddler out for the night, and if he didn’t get eaten by wolves, he was probably prepared for anything. But that won’t cut it here. Surviving wolf attacks is way easier than preparing for the PSLE. Hence, our expensive childcare schools. But can everyone afford them?

How Much DOES Childcare Cost?

The cost of childcare’s about as predictable as a drunk Bingo caller. Depending where you go, prices range from $300 a month to well over $2,000.

NTUC’s childcare center, My First Skool, has fees of around $600 to $680. Registration cost is about $86. But George Washington Preschool* charges about $2,000 a month ($5,750 per quarter), with a registration fee of $2,000. There are diploma courses cheaper than that.

So why the price difference? Read more here.

Bringing your child to a childcare centre could really be costly that is another factor which makes it a tough decision. Parents must weigh things and see if they could really afford it. If not then it would be a waste working while your child is away. However, there are already reports which state that parents are likely to pay lower fees for children. PRISCILLA GOY will tell us about it below.

Parents likely to pay lower fees for childcare

More parents may soon pay lower fees for childcare, with at least half a dozen operators keen to tap a government scheme that offers grants for centres to reduce their charges.

At least six large and mid-sized operators, which have over 5,000 childcare places in total, said they are likely to apply to the scheme announced earlier this month.

To be eligible for the Early Childhood Development Agency partner operator scheme, operators must lower fees, cap them at $800 a month for full-day childcare, and offer at least 300 childcare places each or as a group. The median fee is now $900 a month.

Smaller operators which do not meet the size requirement can partner others to apply, but those The Straits Times spoke to were unsure or not keen (see sidebar). Read more here.

It is good news for parents that childcare fees would now be lessened. That would be a big help and a less load for them. It is also one way of supporting working parents because it would mean that there will be more for the whole family. Bringing your child to a childcare centre needs a lot of preparation emotionally and financially. One must be ready because it wouldn’t be easy. Anyway, it would benefit you and your child.