Sending your child to school is not an easy task. Some children hate school that is why parents are always getting hard up in preparing them for school. They will complain about a lot of things. They will complain about getting up early. They would resist eating breakfast. They wouldn’t want to change their clothes or wear their uniforms. Basically, they would choose to sleep or play rather than go to school. There are actually a lot of reasons behind this.

One such school in Singapore is My Little Campus, that caters from infants to kindergarten children. They are notable for their primary school preparation programs, that teaches kindergarten children linguistic, Mathematics, Science, and social skills to prepare them adequately for primary school. You should definitely check their site at if you are serious about helping your child.

Next, The Asian Parent will then tell us some tips on how to deal with a pre-school resistant kid.

How to deal with a pre-school resistant kid

Does this sound like you? Do you start each day with hassles and struggles of dropping off your child at day care? Do you leave them crying or begging you to not go? Talk about guilt trip! But you have to go to work, so what’s a mom to do?

Have you seen the movie, “Dennis the Menace”–the one in which the outstanding Walter Matthau plays Mr. Wilson? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, well, you should.

Anyway…one of the first scenes in the movie shows Alice (Dennis’ mom) taking Dennis to Margaret’s house so that Margaret’s mom can watch him due to the fact that she (Alice) is going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for the last several years. Margaret, who is Dennis’ age, is quite the little bossy-britches and about as girly-girl as a 7 year old can get. So when Dennis hears where he is going, he exclaims, “Don’t make me go to Margaret’s house! I haven’t done anything bad enough to go to Margaret’s house!” Oh, yes, and he is lying on the ground being pulled up the sidewalk by the straps of his overalls. Read more here.

The first thing that parents have to do is to know the root of the problem then take necessary actions. Parents have to be patient. They should understand that their child will be going to a new environment that is why they should help them.

Another factor which makes children hate school is actually the way teacher teach in school. Caele Pemberton Kokomo Tribune will tell us about an outdoor preschool which allows children to get messy while they learn.

A new kind of classroom: Outdoor preschool allows children to get messy while they learn

The preschool at Boulevard Elementary begins its day just like many other preschools. Children hang up their backpacks, sit down for breakfast and sing a few songs with their teacher. Then their teacher tells them about the weather.

Once Elizabeth Rayl, the preschool teacher, tells them what the weather will be like, students proceed to the hallway, where they put on whatever clothing is appropriate for the day.

On Thursday, it was sprinkling but the weather was relatively warm, so they just needed their rain boots and a rain jacket. Once they were decked out in their rain gear, they headed outside, where they immediately jumped into a big mud puddle.

In this preschool, students spend the entire morning in an outdoor classroom, where they are encouraged to get messy, climb trees and dig for worms. It is unique for the Kokomo School Corporation and for Howard County. Read more here.

Wow! The preschool at Boulevard Elementary is really one of the preschools to be. All the fun is in there. Whatever the weather is, students will definitely enjoy every single school day. Your children will surely wake up every morning excited to go to school.

Justina Goh

Behind the scenes: The making of a preschool graduation musical extravaganza

Getting bubbly and energetic six-year-olds to focus on a single task for 15 minutes can be a challenge at times, let alone on a full-scale musical production that lasts over an hour.

That is what award-winning director Paulene Smith and experienced dance and musical theatre director Heather McCloud have had their focus on for the most part of this year.

The two directors of MindChamps PreSchool’s Graduation Musical have accomplished what few have even dared to attempt – get over 120 six-year-olds to work together for an hour and a half long musical production.

Fortunately, Paulene and Heather, who have decades of theatrical and performing experience between them, were able to call upon this experience to work towards a successful concert where every child has a part to play, a song to sing and a dance to dance – and weave all these perfectly into a once-in-a-lifetime magical experience.

How did they do it? Read more here.

That preschool graduation performance is really worth the wait and watch. It is amazing how the directors were able to encourage all the children to focus and do the task. It was also done successfully because of planning, dedication and patience….a lot of patience. One of the factors that could really make students and your children focused and engaged is to make sure that they enjoy what they are doing. It also takes a lot of patience for this matter.