The curriculum varies from one international school to the next. Parents send their children to any of these schools for various reasons. Considering the cost of tuition, it is important for parents to review the value of the system on their child. If looking for a school for multiple children, it is important for parents to look at the individual needs of their children. One international school curriculum may be suitable for one child, and unsuitable for another.

How much of the curriculum is focused on the child’s development?

The world has become quite competitive. Are you taking your child to an international school to improve his chances of competing favorably in the job market? If so, how will the curriculum you are considering going to prepare the child? Remember, you child excelling in academics is not necessarily preparation enough for him to cope when faced with stress and setbacks. How is the approach used in teaching helpful to the individual development of your child?

How are your child’s self-esteem and social skills development factored in the curriculum?

Every parent aspires to see his or her child grow to become an important person in society. The contributions made by your child will depend on his ability to lead confidently, and not just focused on following others. Is the system of education going to help your child to grow as an individual as well as part of a team? Is group work, plays, debates, and presentation part of the approach used by educators to lure your child to get out of his shell and make a mark in society?

You need a system that exposes your child to many social situations as possible to help him become accustomed to the demands he will encounter later in life.

How will the curriculum help your child to form his own identity?

Unfortunately, the future of many students veered in the wrong direction because, at a critical age, they did not get the support they needed to discover who they are and what they are capable of. For any student to find fulfilment and happiness in life today, as well as tomorrow, he needs to be exposed to multiple paths of education.

This can be academic and personal growth. He needs to discover the extra curriculum activities he has a passion for and explore the lessons to be learned through various events. How much freedom does the curriculum give students to discover who they are and what they would like to become? The more choices and exposure available to students, the easier it will be for them to choose the path that will lead them to prosperity.

How involved are the teachers in the development of the students?

This is extremely important because students thrive when they feel they are receiving empathy and attention from the teachers. Even though the students are encouraged to be independent, knowing they have someone who has their back will help them take risks, especially in innovation. Students spend many hours in school, and knowing they have an adult with interest in their growth and development is of comfort to them and their parents.

It is critical for parents to pick a wholesome curriculum. It should meet the academic, social, and personal aspects of the student. Involving the child in the selection of the curriculum and school is important if the long-term goals are to be achieved.