Every child grows and develops at different rate and level; some grew up fast, and some need more time than others. As parents, we need to know at what level our kids are just in case they lack in a certain aspect; we would be able to assist in improving it. There will come a time when we, parents, will feel the worry of our kids lag in development especially when we keep comparing them to another child. Don’t lie to yourself; when you see your neighbour’s or your relative’s child, some thought cross your mind – my kid can’t do that or why is my kid doesn’t behave that way.

One of the most common challenges faced by parents is related to improving the focus and concentration of their child. Active children have more tendencies to lost focus and concentrate less on one particular activity. The easiest example can be seen in the playground; some kids are always changing from one activity to another while other kids can focus and play one activity at one place. There are ways to improve your kid’s focus; we just have to train them every day. The article wrote by JMCREMP in jmcrempsblog.com explain ways to train your children in focus and concentration.

How to Naturally Improve Concentration and Focus in Your Child

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent or not, you have likely struggled with the issue of a child’s lack of concentration at some point during your parenting years.  Of course we know that children are curious, energetic discoverers.  This is natural.  However, some children struggle more than others.  Many frustrated parents don’t know where to turn for help.  What if there were some simple antidotes and tools you can use to improve concentration?  There is.  Of course no solution will work for everyone, but we think you’ll find the following suggestions extremely helpful.  Your sanity will thank you! So, how can you motivate and improve your child’s focus?  There are several different tools available.  In the beginning, it’s best to try them all to see what works best for you and your family.

1.) Attend to physiological needs.  Ensure your child gets 9 hours of sleep every night.  Reduce sugar intake & increase protein levels (lean meat, almonds, & eggs).  This stimulates dopamine which makes concentration easier, particularly for lethargic kids.  Taking frequent breaks for exercise will have a similar effect.

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Now you know what to do to train your child towards focus and concentration. Moving forward, discipline is another way to instil focus and concentration in every child. No, I don’t mean the kind of discipline of giving consequences or punishment when they are misbehaving, but by giving order for them to follow. Make sure your kid has an everyday routine that keeping them focus; you also need to assist them in achieving this routine. The article below submitted to kumon.co.uk explains the role of discipline in improving a child’s concentration.

How to improve children’s concentration skills

Being able to concentrate and focus for sustained periods is a skill that children will need to develop in order to make the most of their education. Children spend much of their school day listening to their teacher or independently completing their classwork, so it is vital they are able to stay engaged and on task. While most children will naturally develop a greater attention span as they grow older and get used to the school environment and expectations, some continue to struggle to focus on an activity for more than an hour at a time.

In this digital age of smartphones, the internet, and social media, there are plenty of distractions to tempt the wandering mind where homework is concerned. Here are a few ways you can help your child to improve their ability to concentrate at school and at home:

Sleep – most children concentrate better after a good nine hours sleep, so ensuring they take the time for this can make a world of difference. Establish a designated bed time at an early age so they get into a regular routine, and try to stick to it. If bed time is a constant struggle, try explaining why sleep is so essential to them. Read more.

Other than assisting with their physical aspect, parents should also know that the right food intake will do wonders in helping your child focus. Food plays an important role in the human body, after all, we are what we eat. Nutrition from the food can help a child stay healthy and active, both physically and mentally. The composition in healthy food will ensure the development of your child at the cellular level. The article submitted to worldofmoms.com has the information about healthy food your baby needs to eat in order to strengthen their memory and concentrate.

9 Foods Your Baby MUST Eat For Strong Memory & Concentration, & How to Feed Them

As parents, all of us want our kids to do well in school. But for the brain to work properly, it must be supplied with the right nutrients from an early age. Doctors recommend that we must feed our babies certain brain foods to improve concentration and attention span. These foods will also improve your child’s memory and aid in their all-round development.

The type of food a child eats doesn’t only benefit his body but affects his brain as well. In fact, the brain is the first organ to absorb nutrients from food! Eating healthy is key to a healthy brain, which is why it’s important to make sure your child’s diet is nutritious and has ample ingredients to make his concentration sharp!

Brain Foods for Concentration in Kids

Colourful Vegetables

No, the colour is not important merely for visual appeal (though as moms we know that colour surely helps in feeding the child!). Veggies such as tomatoes, spinach and carrots which are rich and deep in colour are full of antioxidants. These antioxidants slow down brain-aging and help brain cells to remain healthy and strong. This lets your child’s concentration develop from an early age. Read more.

Concentration may be a problem for a child, but as parents, we need to be patient in dealing with them. It may take a long time to make them focus, but remember, this is for the long run. The training, discipline, and food are crucial in developing more than focus and concentration; they shape maturity and build personalities. As they growing up, it is important to keep focus and concentrate in everything that they do. It’s our responsibility to make sure they keep that. And don’t give up if your child didn’t make it easy; it’s in their nature to be curious and questions everything. Remember, you reap what you sow; train them today and they will thank you tomorrow.