In Singapore, four in every ten families send their preschoolers to enrichment classes. Is this something you would want for your child? How can you tell if your child needs enrichment classes? First, it is essential to point out that all children in a qualified preschool in Pasir Ris benefit from enrichment classes. 

Many parents who have enrolled their preschoolers in enrichment classes believe this gives them an edge over other children, especially when seeking a place in popular primary schools. Singaporeans are pretty competitive when it comes to education. So, it is not surprising that many are turning to enrichment classes.

Why are you considering enrichment classes?

Before analyzing your child’s need for enrichment classes, it is equally vital for you to determine why you want your child in enrichment classes. 

Do you wish to improve his abilities? Do you want him involved in productive activities when he is not in the preschool in Pasir Ris? Or, does he have special interests and skills that you’d like him to develop? 

Your reasons for seeking enrichment classes matter. If it is to keep your child occupied, it is vital to remember that children need time to recuperate, especially after a week in preschool. Children exercise their imagination and cognitive skills in moments when they are not busy.

Try not to keep your child too busy because it will be counterproductive. Enrichment classes, in this case, may not be as beneficial as you expect. 

What are your child’s interests?

A child is never too young to show interest in music, art, baking, athletics, or craftwork. When you realize your child is almost obsessive with some activities, you may opt to send him to an enrichment class in addition to a preschool in Pasir Ris. 

This way, your child still gets his preschool education and an enrichment class that focuses on his interests. In this case, an enrichment class will be therapeutic since it will focus on your child’s abilities and interests. 

You are likely to see a more favourable result if your child enjoys the enrichment class. Children who are forced to join these classes do not perform as well as those who enjoy enrichment classes. 

Is the enrichment programme suitable for your child?

Enrichment classes in Singapore have become quite popular. The centres providing this service are making efforts to create enrichment programs that will attract parents with children in a preschool in Pasir Ris. 

Some of the popular enrichment programs are skill-based and hands-on learning. Most are going out of their way to differentiate their way of teaching from tuition. 

Children under the age of five years can absorb a lot of information. However, this is dependent on their cognitive skills. For example, a child who has not built sufficient attention and memory skills may not benefit much from an enrichment class. 

Fortunately, the curriculum can be customized. Initially, a child may be introduced to activities that will enhance these skills. These skills will help boost learning, even when your child is in his preschool in Pasir Ris. 

Enrichment classes are no doubt great for preschoolers. However, you need to ensure that the decision to enrol your child in these classes will be beneficial. You don’t want to derail your child’s preschool education.

Some children rebel against learning because they don’t enjoy enrichment classes. Making your child central in your decisions will help you to make the right choice.