As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your child and give him everything he needs to succeed in life.

Sending your kid to a good kindergarten is an effective way to ensure that your child performs well academically and socially in his later years.

If for some reason you aren’t able to send your kid to a proficient kindergarten, chances are he is going to struggle to catch up to his peers later in life. Read on to learn why it is necessary to give your child the best education, especially when he is little.

The following article by naeyc discusses how a good kindergarten can help kids develop faster.

What Do Children Learn in a High-Quality Kindergarten?

Your child continues to develop a wide range of skills in kindergarten, including physical, social, emotional, language and literacy, and thinking (cognitive) skills. Physical development is the way your child moves her arms and legs (large motor skills) – Read more here.

The above article has helped you understand how a good kindergarten can contribute to the development of kids. The article also explains how a high-quality kindergarten can help a child develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Read on to learn the differences between MOE kindergarten and private kindergarten. Go to this link for more information on private kindergartens in Singapore.

The following article by mindchamps shed light on some intricate things Singaporean parents need to know about private and MOE kindergartens.

MOE Kindergarten vs. Private Kindergarten in Singapore: Key Things to Take Note of Before You Enroll Your Kids

An initiative by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the first five MOE Kindergartens in Singapore (MK), started operations in January 2014. There are currently 18 MOE Kindergarten branches islandwide, and this number is expected to increase to 50 by 2023. MOE Kindergartens have garnered attention as it is an initiative launched by MOE, and the priority that its students receive during the primary school registration scheme. Read more here.

As can be seen from the above article, private and MOE kindergartens are great and can help kids build a solid academic foundation. As you likely saw in the above article, MOE kindergartens offer attention to kids, and they are a little bit better than private kindergartens. If for some reason you aren’t able to send your child to a MOE kindergarten, you should check out the highly-rated alternatives in the next article.

The following article by Mediaone unveils some of the best kindergartens in Singapore.

Top kindergartens in Singapore

If you add the primary, secondary, post-secondary, and university years up, your kid is probably going to stay in the world of education for 15-18 years on average! Hence, if your kid is going to study for so many years, it makes sense to prepare him/her cognitively and emotionally for learning. Kindergartens are the stepping stones to kickstart your child’s long education journeyRead more here.

The above article is a must-read for Singaporean parents as it unveiled everything from the best kindergartens in Singapore to some tips that can help parents choose between them. The article also answers some frequently asked questions about kindergarten education in Singapore.

Final note

As a parent, you surely will agree that not all kindergarten will be able to address the needs of your child.

Only top-rated kindergartens have the facilities and expertise to help kids from different backgrounds reach their full potential. You can find these top-rated kindergartens by doing a little research online.

Don’t forget to consider your child’s needs and your budget before making a final decision.