Singapore has hundreds of nursery schools. Even though it is not compulsory, more parents are sending their children to a preferred nursery school in Singapore. Most parents choose a nursery school in Singapore because of its location, curriculum, and learning environment. What sets apart an excellent Singapore nursery school from other kindergartens? 

Uses a curriculum that balances indoor and outdoor activities

Children need to be involved in various activities to learn. In some cases, teachers need to take a step back and allow the child to take the lead. Child-led activities allow teachers to have a glimpse at what is going on in a child’s brain. A teacher can easily identify a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses when a child takes the initiative in deciding the activities he likes. 

Since Singapore nursery school is supposed to prepare a child for primary school, teachers must balance learning and playing. Outdoor and indoor activities are equally important. 

Indoor activities test a child’s attention span and memory, while outdoor activities are great for examining children’s curiosity, sensory development, as well as gross and fine motor skills. 

Introduces engaging activities

Children are naturally curious, and the best way to satisfy their curiosity is to involve them in engaging activities. These activities allow the child to develop gross and fine motor skills. The teacher can also identify ways to help children learn through their favourite activities. 

When looking for a nursery school in Singapore, you should find out how children learn, including the extent to which children are allowed to explore as they learn. 

Helps children to learn healthy habits

Did you know that some habits that adults have were cemented during their years in nursery school? A good Singapore nursery school helps children develop healthy habits that will be meaningful even in their later years. 

For example, children can learn to use their senses and care for their physical needs. They can learn the importance of good grooming. They also learn why and how they should wash their hands after playing and before eating their food. 

Helps children to merge their imaginations with reality.

Children have an active imagination. This fuels their creativity. A good nursery school in Singapore encourages children to use their imagination. However, children also need to know the difference between reality and imagination. Teachers do this by introducing play-based inquiry where children ask questions as they play. Children can also use their imagination in real-world exploration.

A child’s imagination helps to improve his communication skills, reasoning and logic, So, it should be encouraged. Over time, children learn how to build on their imagination by developing original and flowing stories. This is how children learn to become storytellers and keen to listen to stories. 

Has an age-based learning program

When preparing the learning schedule for nursery school children, a good nursery school in Singapore considers the child’s age. For example, younger children should not be taught in large groups. They need more attention, so a small teacher-pupil ratio is necessary.

Additionally, these children should be allowed to play more instead of spending long periods learning to read and write. Nursery school children are not very patient, so the time between activities should not be too long since children don’t have the patience to wait for too long.

As children spend more time in Singapore nursery school, they become more interested and excited about learning. So, the learning program should reflect their growth and development.

Enhances child-child and child-adult interactions

A Singapore nursery school environment needs to be responsive and respectful. The environment should make learning and play fun for the kids. Additionally, the environment should encourage children to foster relations with one another and with their teachers. 

Most of the children attending nursery school look at their teachers as their caregivers. They become attached and are comfortable in school, knowing that the teacher is within easy reach should they need help. 

These are some qualities of a good nursery school in Singapore. Unfortunately, some of these qualities do not feature in the list that parents follow when choosing a preschool for their children. However, they are important since they affect your child’s ability to learn and grow.