In Singapore, children join preschool between the age of 3 and 6 years. Some parents enrol their children as soon as they turn three years. Others send their children to preschool when they are slightly older. As long as a child joins primary school at the age of seven, parents have greater flexibility regarding when and how long their child spends in a preschool in Bedok

Besides age, are there signs that a child is ready for preschool? 

Sits still for extended periods

Children are impulsive by nature. This is because they are discovering much about their environment. So, it is not surprising to see a child do one thing and move on to something else instantly. 

The same can be observed in a child’s first year of preschool in Bedok. When a child first goes to preschool, he shows excitement at discovering a new environment. So, teachers come up with programs that do not require children to sit for long. 

However, as the child progresses, he learns to be more attentive. His memory also improves. He can, therefore, sit for longer. If your child is yet to join preschool, this is a sign that he is ready. 

Demands to be taken to school

If your child has older siblings attending school, he will naturally show interest in going to school as well. However, the change is progressive. When the child is younger, he may not have shown interest in accompanying his siblings to school. 

At the time, he may have been happy to accompany you when dropping them and picking them up from school. However, at some point, he may start demanding a bag so that he can also carry it as he escorts his siblings. 

Eventually, he will probably state he wants to go to school. At this point, you may need to try and find a preschool in Bedok because you will have no peace until you send him to school. 

Starts showing interest in learning

Is your child learning how to say the alphabet or numbers? Is he showing interest in reading, even if it is by looking at images in a book? Many children in Singapore join preschool when they know how to say the alphabet or count. 

Sometimes this puts pressure on parents whose children are yet to learn the basics. However, this should not be an issue. Teachers will start teaching the kids from scratch, whether some have advance knowledge or not. 

Your child’s knowledge of the stuff they teach in preschool should not be a reason for you to keep him at home. Children in a preschool in Bedok gain various skills besides learning. So, your child may have a competitive edge, but he may be behind in cognitive skill development.

Sending your child to preschool when he is ready will help him build on what he has already learnt. 

Has grasped basic hygiene

Some parents enrol children in preschool when they are toilet trained. At the same time, some preschools offer toilet training at an extra cost. Most children are aware of having a full bladder at the age of three or four years. 

This is the age when many children join preschool in Bedok. So, it is not surprising that some children in preschool are yet to be toilet trained. If your child is toilet trained, he is ready for preschool. 

These are some of the signs that a child is ready for preschool. Observe your child, and if he wants to go to school, maybe it is time to consider a preschool in Bedok.